About us

About us

AMENA is the feminine form (AMENO, masculine) from Latin meaning pleasantness, delightfulness or loveliness. We feel it is a fitting title for our skin care products.


AMENA  for women and AMENO for men is a skincare product line birthed from our permanent cosmetic customer's requests for a healthy natural product to help them look and feel better. Timeless Permenent Cosmetics (www.timelesspcm.com) has been helping women and men look their best for years with applications of permanent eyebrow, eyeliner, lips and blush enhancement. We have also performed scar camouflage and CRT (Collegen Rejuvenation Therapy).


All of our raw materials are from the USA.  We believe that skincare should be effective, safe and natural. With minimal processing, no fillers, and minimal preservatives. We use fresh ingredients, the highest quality active ingredients, essential oils, and organic spices. 


Each jar or bottle is individually filled from high quality natural ingredients. We begin with small hand crafted batches of mixture that are tested and screened for the best results. There is no mass production or assembly lines, only high quality fresh product that is packaged for sale. 


In our research, we found that many products on the market today are filled with preservatives, fillers, chemicals, and ingredients that are more harmful to the skin than beneficial and they also come with a hefty price. We believe that nature has given us what we need to stay young looking. We feel that our products can give you that extra confidence in how you look. AMENA for women and AMENO for men makes every effort to produce the best handcrafted products in a healthy way for a reasonable price.